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Here you go True.

Xmas Bandit

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Runescape Name

Xmas Bandit 

Preferred Name 

Discord ID

Xmas bandit#5421
Current Clan

Previous Clan History

'The' Clan, Exodus, and Divine Forces.

Who do you know in Tempest?

True, and a lot of other familiar names. 
Are you interested in joining?

I am not, but nice to see a lot of people I fought with and against around here.
Brief Introduction

As many others have stated, I was forced against my will by @true to make this whole topic. I started clanning back in 07/08 joining 'the' clan, then moving to exodus around the end of 08, and finally joining DF in 09 then leaving around 2011? don't remember the exact year I left. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces that I was able to speak with, or flame the hell out of back in the more toxic  part of my younger life.  Since coming back have just been enjoying my time in DR, and PVMing with a bunch of the old school DF members. Hope to catch up with a lot of you, or get to talk to some of the other people that hopefully did not hold a grudge from 10 years ago. 

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