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Barf ii


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Runescape Name
Barf ii

Frab Nafets (Iron)

Preferred Name 

Current Clan
I guess I never technically left 'The'? XD

Previous Clan History
The British Legion, The British Elites, 'The' Futures, 'The'. I was also in Team TKO Blitz


Who do you know in Tempest?
Well there's a fair few names that I know/recognise but whether or not they remember me is a different matter:

Eric, VirgoVaca, Vanzant, Fluke are the most likely names I see on the ML but it's difficult to tell with name changes.

Are you interested in joining?
It's possible, yet unlikely. I have the combat stats on my main but it has no bank or other decent skills since it was pretty much created to fight with 'The' when OSRS came out.

I'm incredibily out of the loop with clan matters or any relatively new content to the actual game itself so I guess whether or not I would be likely to join would depend on the state of the clan world now, how are fights organised, are we still on massive hour long returning fights or are there set caps or limited in other ways? 

Brief Introduction
Hey, I'm Stefan I've been around the clan scene for many years but never really got to know anything other than my own little corner of the world, I have been out of the loop for a fair few years in regards to the game and clanning, I currently (very) casually play an iron man account that is around mid tier content so I've not really interacted with anything new since zulrah and still not even particularly used to things that came out before then. 

I used to be reasonably confident in my tanking ability more so in f2p but enjoyed some MB pking back in the day but judging by my attempts to play LMS I'm not so great at P2P anymore although the idea of pking with a group of friends does very much appeal to me.

As far as real life goes, I live in England (East mids) and work for a telecoms company installing fibre cables so I'm outside all day which after a lifetime of grinding RS is a nice change. :p  I play a bit of football but don't really care about following it with the exception of listening to the commentary of my local team but it's not something I'm embroiled in. I assume many of you are in the same boat of watching pretty much every piece of crap on Netflix whilst scaping and I think I most likely watch far too many RS content vids on YT.


Well I guess that about sums me up, if y'all have any more questions feel free to ask, hopefully I can learn a bit about how clans work these days and get to know some new people and hopefully reconnect with  some people from the past, let me know if you recognise the name and your Original rsn.

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