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What relic/regions did you guys unlock?


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As the title says, interested to know what everyone chose. 

Personally, I'm currently on;

Area:  Asgarnia and Kandarin, 47 tasks to go and I think I'll go for fremmy



Endles Harvest (I like afking skills this makes it super afkable)
Eternal Jewellery (This is the only relic I'd change, I didn't think I'd enjoy the game this much to carry on until late game, and now I'm seeing last recall would've been OP) 
Fluid Strikes (Melee OP)
Unnatural Selection (don't know a single person who took treasure seeker)
Equilibrium (debated infernal gathering but I'm glad I went with this, even when I hit 1dmg with melee I get minimum 150 xp)



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None, too powerful to play leagues.

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Area:  I've gone Kandarin, Mortania - Most likely asgarnia next still 100 tasks away though.. 



Endles Harvest
Eternal Jewellery (My biggest mistake 
Fluid Strikes 
Unnatural Selection 

I think Most likely going for Equilibrium next (850 points away) 

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Area: Kandarin + Asgarnia, 4 tasks to go and I'll unlock Fremennick

Relics: Endless Harvest, Last Recall, Fluid Strikes, Unnatural Selection and Equilibrium... 

I'm most likely going to pick Draining Strikes for the last relic but after seeing how good Weapon Specialist is for bossing with a bgs I'm in two minds about it

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Went with the classic Kandarin Morytania Asgarnia but was torn on fremmy as it’s easy points, and the quest unlocks...

Skill prodigy mostly for late game +12s but it made early game tasks way easier too, last recall fluid strikes, botanist cos cba farming, draining strikes


Was pretty dead set on draining strikes but seeing some of the things people are doing with weapon specialist idk... draining is still mad op though, can easily sustain piety and cerb needs no food/pots

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production master/jewelry/melee/unnatural selection so far, somewhat regret not getting a diff t1 and last recall

gonna get botantist and prob drain but maybe weapon specialist 



morytania gonna be my last one but 86 tasks away lol

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Kandarin so far, Morytania is in my list and I was debating between Asgarnia or Wilderness.  

Production Master (wish I went with endless harvest), Jewelry Master (wish I picked Last Recall) and Fluid Strikes.  

Progressing slower than I'd like but life got in the way.  

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