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Worst grind so far?


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What has been your worst/unluckiest grind so far in leagues?

I've had a few unlucky ones (black mask in 474 kc for example), but the worst ones were sulliuscep cap that are like 1/100 and took me 700+ chops to get, definitely not worth the 50 points, and the defender grind:


Over half of those kills were at the dragon defender cyclops, that are suposedly like 1/25 or something? At least I got a dragon med for some fashionscape (also my bis helm rn when not on a task)

On the other hand I got my gout tuber at like 50% favour so I guess I can't complain

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Damn that's a hefty amount of work

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void was prob the longest but honestly not bad because i made like 200k+ from it and my gear was ass so i got new gear and gps and lots of cb stats training there

early wc mining etc was aids at the very beginning just because of all the ppl competing for the same few trees and rocks and shit








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thankfully all my grinds have been alright. Worst was cosmic talisman from abyssal leech its original drop rate is 1/128 or something took me like 200

None to dragon defender was about 260 kills so that was decent

Torso got decent teams did it in 3 hours

I got a dragonstone from fire giant 1/8k so rip any future rng



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