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Tempest takes on the Wilderland Empire

The End

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Discord with 2 Sports Channels | https://tempest-rs.net/ | True 2k8 CC

Earlier this week we set up a Thursday scrap with Ro Arid from The Wilderland Empire. We initiated the battle at West Tree. After 20 minutes of clean fighting ~30 Addy Crashers logged in an attempt to crash the fight. They were quickly cleared by Revenant clan.

The rest of the fight the Addy Alliance proceeded to log in and out every 10 minutes (each time they ran away sooner and sooner, by the end they didn't even bother crashing). The fight was not stopped a single time. Since both clans were having so much fun, we even decided to extend the cap an additional 30 minutes.

Thanks for the fight Wilderland. Both clans did well and had decent streaks throughout. Looking forward to future fights.

Thanks for the anti-crash Revenant & Imk's Boyz.

Tempest Starting (~45 on TS)


Tempest Ending (~50 on TS)


Wilderland Ending:



Fight Pics:








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