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I have been recommended by my friendly neighbourhood spiderman, to include the following template, which will increase my likeability by up to 75%

Runescape Name
My old RS name was HoratioSAS, some may know me as Sas Troopers, or Captain Horatio.

Preferred Name 
You can call me Horatio.

Current Clan
Clanless, sadly.

Previous Clan History
Dark Slayers, Phobia, Fear, Adelais, Exodus, Crimson Raiders, Dynasty Of Virtue, I forgot the rest?


Who do you know in Tempest?
True 2k8

Are you interested in joining?
Sadly, my account has been transferred to RS3 and I don't have OSRS right now, unless I can buy an account or find someone willing to give one up.

Brief Introduction
Is that not what this is?

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Hello, can you hear me?





Not much of an intro there, but welcome nonetheless. ?  Since you're from Australia, I shall assume that you ride a kangaroo to your job, which is  lassoing spiders the size of cows.  Also.  Get an account from someone? Weak. I started a new account from scratch a few weeks ago.  Tempy's worth the grind tbh. 

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Brian.. or Brianna?! | The artist formerly known as Pequ 
The Gladiatorz [2004-06] | Eternal Honour [2006-08]RSC CD Mod [2006-08]

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