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The Wilderness was removed 13 years ago today

True 2k8

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I actually remember the day pretty well, cause I had an exam that day lol


Actually had prior knowledge of this update coming and posted a topic warning people the day before would possibly be the last wilderness fight ever: http://www.di-rs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=51195&hl=


If memory serves me right we absolutely obliterated RoT in like 20 mins flat

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Damn....  I remember when pvp worlds came out a year later, a few friends of mine would go and pk noobs around fally/varrock. Was fun, but it wasnt the same.. Free trade was also taken away to prevent RWT but dear god.... It just wasnt the same RIP.... Such a dark day for the PvP community. 

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what a fucking aids day that was


flash2: W.E. P.A.Y. T.O. P.K.

[13:09] <+Jubita> i just don't care where he is from, idc if he has family issues or was born with mental problems. It's his problem not ours.





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Was a few months after I started clanning and I remember the huge uproar even though I was never much of a pker. Definitely the 2nd worse decision Jagex ever made in my personal opinion (EoC being first)








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When clans spam who thought this was a good idea really theyre referring to this update  btw


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