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Jay Jay665


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Runescape Name
Jay Jay665

Preferred Name 
Jay or JayJay

Discord ID

Current Clan

Previous Clan History
Ex Leader of Corruption, Ex Council in Dark Ascension.

I've been involved in most top teams or clans at some point along the way. Been a part of Brutality, EoS, Rune Raiders, Moriquendi and DI.

Are you interested in joining?
No, Runescape is done for me now, the Corruption reunion trip we had a few weeks ago was great fun but the game just isn't the same. Just here for the nostalgia and talking to people.

Brief Introduction
I'm Jay, 26, British and work in cyber security. I like lifting weights, watching football and most things that men my age do. There's not much else really worth saying here lol.

Some of you might remember me from the clan world and CoR and others may have seen me knocking about in the discord. Feel free to highlight me or drop me a message if you want to chat, I'll normally respond if you @ me.



Corruption Best Official - 2011

Corruption Best Caller - 2011

Ex Corruption Leader & Dark Ascension Council

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24 minutes ago, True 2k8 said:

@Eric WE FOUND ONE!!!!!!!!!


Glad to see you around though man, you're more than welcome to hang out on TS if you're bored.

l0l, welcome jay =]

OAKcWeK.pngFree VenomOAKcWeK.png

~Tempest Since Day One~













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