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AP Adam's intro


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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 
AP or Adam 

Discord ID

Current Clan
Not really active in one. Been hanging out with some good guys in the WG community. 

Previous Clan History
True Supremacy, Silent Strike, Wipeout, UBH, Gladz, Divine Forces

Are you interested in joining?
Maybe after I finish leveling

Brief Introduction

Hi everyone my name is Adam. I've been playing RS since classic and quit playing at some point in 2013.  If you know me its either by AP/Adam/Panda more than likely. I have popped in off and on but never really stuck with OSRS until now. I'm currently leveling up and should be getting back into wars/fights soon. I didn't realize the clan world was still around when I came back so its good to see a lot of old faces around here. 

In real life I am 30 years old with a wife and 2 kids. I grew up around the New Orleans area and still live on the Gulf Coast. When I'm not working or riding out hurricanes I'm usually doing something with the family such as taking the boat out to the islands or taking my son golfing with me. 

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