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Go Leafs's intro

Go Leafs

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Runescape Name
Go Leafs

Preferred Name 
Rohan / Go Leafs

Discord ID

Current Clan
Stopped RSing in 2010/2011

Previous Clan History
Phobia - First clan, got my first taste of PKing. Always wanted to join the parent clan Fear but it closed and so did Phobia. I must have joined in 2005.
TF - Joined Phobia's rival clan because Lethal Axe was cool. However, this clan didn't PK enough and was largely inactive so I left.
Adelais - Loved it. Too many memories. It closed because the leadership team didn't have enough time.
FT - Madhasan90 encouraged us to go to FT. FT had the most welcoming community I've seen. Met cool people like Noobsaibot/Parsh/Slaughter/Finish. I left because I wanted to PK more and be in a top 10 clan.
EOS - A more mature and active Adelais. Pking was awesome and we had some memorable run ins. I became inactive during my final year of high school and became a clan friend. I retired from RS sometime during 2010/2011.

Who do you know in Tempest?
PixieNumbers/Lavigne - We were in EOS together and he referred me to this forum
True 2k8 - We were in Team Kenya together and shared a connection with CR/FT
Slaughter17 - We were in FT together
Josh 221 - Both were in Adelais
Mar - Adelais/EOS

I recognize a few names from the list like 3lite/Vanzant/Ghjjf/anyone that posted a lot on RSC but we never spoke.

Are you interested in joining?
Only as a community member since I don't play RS anymore.

Brief Introduction
Hey everyone, my name is Rohan. I do accounting for a bank (boring) and I hope to be in the tech sector soon as a web developer. I like reading Sci-Fi fantasy books like ASOIAF/Mistborn and watch anime sometimes. I like playing video games like Witcher 3 / COD and am currently waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. Outside of being a nerd, I like to watch/play basketball and workout (no deadlifts, I don't trust my form and my lower back always flares up). This forum reminds me of the old DI forum where everyone hung out and I see so many familiar names at the bottom! I have to thank Pixie for directing me here and True 2k8 for accepting my reg.

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Name seems really familiar back from when I was in KO since we fought FT a lot. Welcome to the forums








PDlMitch ~ Ex: Knights of Order ~ Collision ~ Syndicate ~ Exodus ~ Crimson Raiders ~ Downfall ~ Divine Forces








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