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True strong armed me

Dark Knighty

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Runescape Name
- Dark Knighty

Preferred Name 
- Dark Knighty/Justin

Discord ID
- Dark Knighty#5592

Current Clan
- N/A

Previous Clan History
- Demonic Legendz, Awaken, Valor, EH, DF and likely more


Who do you know in Tempest?
- True, Juri, Vanzant, and others I am sure.

Are you interested in joining?
- No, I don't see myself getting involved in runescape clans again.

Brief Introduction
- Most of you old boomers around here like myself likely remember me from my time in DF. I haven't been able to fully shake RuneScape and keep coming back no matter how long the break. I have been in and around the clan world since around 2003/04, after learning about it through RuneScape Community (Zybez), and only finally left the clan world following EOC. Since returning on OSRS I have mostly been enjoying the content I didn't have the time or patience to enjoy previously.

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