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Who is the best tank EVER?

True 2k8

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The first person from 2009 era I remember thinking this guy is a tank like no other and immediately got him on a spare to fight for envy was doom of gods.



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That dude who got on chrisarchie for tanking vr off

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Saddam I think, for some reason he’s popping up in my head.



There was a guy in Tt who was insane, wasn’t the network. I would shake my head when this guys name was called.



Now that people mention it, Spirius was pretty insane.



I found Miner cire and a couple people in rsd to be really good too.




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Idk about current times, but it's funny you ask this because I was messing around with Wayback machine today and came across a topic which posed this question in 2007.  Sounds like Robtokill & Flinstoneman were some common picks for the best tank title back then. ?



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