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Runescape Name (Don't post if login name)

Preferred Name 
- Sus

Current Clan
- None

Previous Clan History
- 420 Pkers, DI, AC


Who do you know in Tempest?
- uhh at the top of my head brian, ashley, & versis im sure there is other names ill recognize from di

Are you interested in joining?
- not at this time

Brief Introduction
- Hello all, i played alot during launch of osrs and quit actively playing sometime in 2014-2015? I mostly play fps games now (Warzone), CSGO & WoW and into JDM vehicles. 

Edited by Sus

OAKcWeK.pngFree VenomOAKcWeK.png








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youre literally the most bent, fat mongoloid in existence

[13:09] <+Jubita> i just don't care where he is from, idc if he has family issues or was born with mental problems. It's his problem not ours.





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27 minutes ago, Brian said:



1:28 "what are they going to do without @true they are going to lose"


2k8 just popped a stiffy

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Proud Tempest - Guest > Verified Guest > Bunny Guest > Verified Guest > Bunny Guest > Intro > Applicant > Member


Please if you spot these missing robes, have them returned to Panda|Mike for a reward.






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