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[GFX] Reclaiming the Favela Squad [coming home]


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before crashing out into bed yesterday I did some editing shenanigans [graphic]: 




if u ever have gotten the grammar dead ass wrong, if u ever apologized for your hi sorry for my bad english

if u ever asked for ur grandma's blessings before going out to commit a couple of sins in the night

this sig is for u, my fellow latin frens ❤️ 


and if u want some sig for yourself just pm someone else bc I suck at this so bad lmao 


please, rate 

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Tempest GMT squad sig when @Ssj

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Grand Miracle Wizard of the Far-Right Sea Templar's Party | Bringing racism back into RS clanning since 2023.



RSN: Knight Frank

Leader of REIGN community since 2004 - Undisputably the best gaming community in history.

An absolute shitload of rank ones/top10 rankings in multiple games. Now too busy.



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