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Runescape Name
An Opinion

Preferred Name 
Kestas (just call me Kay, if you struggle with that), Opinion

Current Clan

Previous Clan History

LF - j




DF Liths


Who do you know in Tempest?
Quite a few people should remember my name from either being in same clan as me, or fighting the clan I was in.

Are you interested in joining?
I have an itch for F2P fights and am checking out what the clan world has to offer.

Brief Introduction
I'm Kęstas, living in Lithuania, currently looking for a career path that I wouldn't hate 10 years from now.

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Welcome to tempy's forums ?






Always underrated , never dominated




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Welcome to the forums. I wish you well in finding a career path that fits you. I just recently swapped careers a couple months ago and I'm so much happier for doing so. Just take time to reflect upon what you enjoy, what your strengths are, and what career can work with that. Good luck! Welcome again to the community!



Brian.. or Brianna?! | The artist formerly known as Pequ 
The Gladiatorz [2004-06] | Eternal Honour [2006-08]RSC CD Mod [2006-08]

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