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Runescape Name

Preferred Name 
Just call me Erika. ?‍♀️

Current Clan
It's Violent Resolution baby.

Previous Clan History
I have been in VR for 10 years, it's the only real clan I have been in tbh, pure loyalty in my blood. Ofc I've been in some random teams but nothing relevant tbh, can't even remember their names.


Who do you know in Tempest?
True, Steik, Ammastus and Andolf. Oh wait, he is not here anymore. ?

Are you interested in joining?
No, I just got asked to introduce myself to the community.

Brief Introduction
Hello you beautiful people, as u can see my name is Erika. I am 26 years old basic lithuanian girl who got stuck playing this game for way too long... Playing the game and clanning since I was 12 years old so you can do the math lmfao. Awful, I know. There is not much to say about me tbh, I live in Lithuania now but tried some other places like UK, Netherlands and Germany. I am actually a pawnbroker irl and thats my main job which I love. In my free time I love to mess with Photoshop, drink and spend time with my friends and that's it ngl. I'm a mess like that. ?‍♀️

Pls don't flame me, I am a sensitive human being... Jokes, come @ me and I will fuck you up real good. :classic_ninja:



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Hello! , welcome to our humble community ?






Always underrated , never dominated




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