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Wilderland's AMA - D96, Vitor & Horn4


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About Wilderland:


Wilderland is a PvP based Country Clan for people that understand, write and speak portuguese.

Wilderland was born on December 18th, 2003. Founded by Xera_O_Meu, Vai_Caga and Exp_Manoo with the objective of being the best Luso-Brazilian clan in RuneScape. The name Wilderland was created from Vai_Caga crazy metal bands.

Wilderland first appeared in the brazilian community as an underated clan. At that time, CvC (Cavaleiros Cinzentos - Grey Knights) was the strongest brazilian clan on RuneScape, which changed in 2006, when in a full-out war WL+allies defeated CvC+allies, snatching the title as the best clan. After that WL hunted CvC on every opportunity leading their clan to crumble.

With CvC closing, their previous allies, TLW and MMA (by then home to the ex-members of CvC) grew in numbers and became new rivals. TLW didn’t prove to be a strong opponent, while MMA had its strengths and proved to be a more difficult challenge. At this time, our legendary ex Leader, Slipknot 14, used to organize hits on MMA by PMing the infamous message to members “W8 edge bridge, crashing MMA, pvt off”. Every weekend WL members waited for this message because we knew it was going down.

With time, WL became more and more dominant and this was proven on a major full out cluster organized by the brazilian community with all brazilian clans from that era. On that cluster, Wilderland stood victorious with 50 remaining members.

Gaining ground on the clan world, the leadership decided to bring a catchy phrase to represent our dominance at the time which we still in use nowadays: "Wilderland Supremacy", representing our strength as one of the best country clans around.

However, surfing on this steady growth wave, our allies Swords of Glory (SoG) grew unsatisfied, being the Robin from the Batman and feeling that they were never recognized in helping with our big wins. Therefore, SoG around the year of 2006-2007 broke the alliance and became our long lasting rival. On the 21st of October 2006, a big fight was scheduled and Wilderland managed to defeat SoG on a full out battle. After that, over several weekends both clans clashed and SoG did dominate in number of victories, but WL’s resiliance after losses proved to be our best assets, taking the finals wins before SoG decided to shut down their operations.

Wilderland managed to remain untouchable on the number #1 spot until the end of 2010. By this time, TCL (formed by ex-SoG members) had grown a lot, and once again every other weekend both clans would clash on level 48 wilderness. This time, our former rivals were having again a great run, also with the help of some former WL members that became “haters” and started to crash every single WL fight. Wilderland had a rought time back in 2011, with both TCL and Hell Army (HS + RA merged clan) and even MMA managing to compete with WL.

2012 was very different. TCL struggled with their own personal business and basically split up in two (TCL and CL). Hell Army stayed strong and MMA were basically closed, as the clan activity were also slumping hard. WL managed to recover from the last year and went back at full force on 2012, pulling constantly 50 man per battle and once again remaining the dominant clans on the brazilian/portuguese scenario after beating clans like The Titans and Solace.

2013 has finally come and Evolution of Combat would change all the RuneScape we once knew. By this time, people scheduled "one last cruzade" between all the luso-brazilian clans that were still around: WL, TCL, HA and MB (Monocromatic Brazil). After 6 hours and 30 minutes of fight, WL was the last clan remaining on the wilderness, and RuneScape 2 ended with Wilderland remaining as the Kings of Brazil & Portugal. After a while trying to arrange fights on RuneScape 3 with EoC, WL decided to close our doors.

7 years later, with many old members coming back to the game due to the pandemic, Wilderland opened it's doors once again in 2020. By this point, only one brazilian clan were still around: Arroz (literally "rice"). WL took it's time to train and level up their members, but after a month, WL managed to beat Arroz over and over again, including an 8 hours uncapped where we peaked at 84 people, and forced them into becoming a clan that do week preps to pull 23 men. Once again, the number #1 spot on the brazilian scenario belongs to Wilderland. We've had a surprisingly good run in OSRS, being able to pull 60s every single weekend for months, 75+ people to important fights etc. A lot of our former rivals from TCL joined us, which also gave us a lot of strength. Nowadays our memberbase should be split somehow like 60% ex-WLs, 30% ex-TCLs, 10% ex-HA/MMA/MB.




Hey guys, how are you doing? I'm Diogo, but most of you should know me as D96 or Diogo96. I started playing RS back in 03 and started clanning in 05. I can't remember exactly what was my first clan, but my second one was Hell Soldiers, which I founded with Vander/Babydragon62. HS was a brazilian country clan and I was looking for more experience, so I also joined Anarchy. After a couple years I ended up leaving HS and that was when I first joined Wilderland, in 2007. By then, Fil3000 was Leader and our rivalry with Swords of Glory was popping. I was really young by that point so I don’t remember much, but I ended up leaving a few months later to rejoin HS. By early 09 Hell Soldiers merged with another brazilian clan called Rising Army, giving birth to Hell Army. I stayed there for 6 months or so until I realized they weren’t really what I was looking for, so I rejoined WL and stayed there until we closed in 2013.


When I got back for good in 2009 we were on a really good shape, with recent wins vs. clans like EH, COR, EOS and more. As you might remember, brazilian beef was always lit in RS2, so by that point we were the undisputed best luso-brazilian clan, and probably the best country clan aswell. Since then, a lot happened and for the next couple years we had a lot of competition with The Call of Legends for the luso-brazilian belt, with both clans having ups and downs, but always putting up good fights. It was really impressive seeing how both clans would raise their regular sunday pulls from 50s to 100s to fight each other. A part from all the brazilian beef, we had some sick fights with EOS, VR, DF, TT, Solace, Genesis, Fools, NG, Cheer Up etc. I got promoted to General in 2010 and Co-Leader & Leader in late 2012. When EoC came we tried to keep going and even in OSRS for the first month, but that didn’t work because people weren’t really down to train their accounts all over again so we called it a day.


Personally, it was really nostalgic to me seeing OSRS being released so I quickly trained up again, even without most of my bros. I had stints in Bearz/Dynasty and founded Exotic alongside with MrLolz and Break in 2014. Exotic was pretty fun because it was the first time we actually had a lot of former rivals on the same clan, fighting together and sharing the same community. I also joined Downfall around 2016 and stayed there for a year, which was pretty fun at first. I left Downfall to join DI in 2017 before ya boy Brian pulled the plug, where I eventually became Warlord, and it was definitely my best clanning experience. In OSRS I was also a big CWA nerd with Spartans, Silent Ember etc. After DI closed I had a brief stint in Rev & AF, but I didn’t think I’d ever come back to actively clanning until the lockdown happened and a lot of old school kids from WL wanted to give it another shot.


This is already way longer than what I first had in mind but ye, guess that sums it up. Will be interesting to see the questions you guys have, ask me anything ?




Hey guys, I'm Vitor. I joined Wilderland back in 2007/08, after a small brazilian clan that I was in closed. We all ended up joining either WL or SoG, which were basically the top brazilian clans at that time. I was pretty clueless when I joined WL, but I was still able to be a part of some fun big battles we had. One of the fights that stood out was against EoS, which was a fight that would move us up on the RAW ladder, and another one was a WL vs SoG full out fight that was the tiebreaker for the #1 luso-brazilian clan spot, and WL ended up wining with 150~ opts left.


A couple months after I joined, I got promoted to Event Coordinator (LOL), which later on everyone agreed to be an useless rank, so I was moved to General, which was basically Pk Leader. A funny thing is that I used to share my account with my brother, and at some point I decided it was time to have my own account, so even without an acc I was still fighting for WL in any spare I could get my hands on for a good while.


Around 2009 WL decided to open a junior clan to bring new blood to the brazilian scene, and I led it for a while. In a way it was tough teaching noobs everything about warring and convincing them how losing money can be fun, but even with all obstacles I’d say my time in there was pretty succesful since we had a lot of guys from these days that ended up becoming core members, some of them which are still with us in 2020. I spent most of my time in Wilderland as General, focusing on making sure our events went well. Later on I got promoted to Co-Leader, but that didn’t last long as I got really demotivated with the arrival of EoC, where I stepped down and remained active as an Immortal for as long as the clan lasted.


As for my clan history a part of WL, in RS2 I had brief stints in a few “top clans” which I ended up being removed or leaving because I'd always prioritize WL over anything else, and that wouldn't work with those clans, so after all I was only in WL and Collision, which at that point was a smaller clan and would allow me to prioritize WL. In OSRS I was Leader of Exotic (another brazilian clan) and I was also in Downfall, which were both great clans to be apart of. When Exotic closed I got kinda demotivated from the game so I decided to take a few months off, leaving Downfall. After a while clanless working on my max cape, with Diogo annoying me every single day I ended up joining Damage Inc, which I became Council and stayed until the closure.


I’d say that despite our ups and downs, I was always loyal to WL over anything. I saw good old friends leaving to rival clans, I witnessed our biggest slumps and I was also a part of our biggest successes. With the pandemic, we reopened our doors in OSRS and since then I took part as Co-Leader until a couple months ago, where I stepped down due to lack of time. I guess our biggest challenge was to have everyone on the same page as for the new METAs, training up their accounts, and pretty much teaching everything again. All in all it was pretty fun, and I’m still around as an Immortal coming to fights whenever I can.  




Hello everyone,


My RuneScape in-game name was Horn4, more commonly known as Horn. I started on RS Classic and got recruited to Wilderland on April 2004 by a school colleague. I became, if not mistaken, the 7th member of the clan. I did take part on other clans to see how it was (Demonic Empire, TRWF and Rune Raiders) all while still being Wilderland and always giving priority to WL’s events over anything.
In 2007, I was promoted to Warlord but my stint was short (1 year) due to real life commitments. When you stepped down from council-like jobs and you had contributed plenty to WL, the clan would award you the Immortal mask, reserved to founders and really important clan figures due to a plethora of reasons (something like the HoF on the NBA). Therefore, since 2008 I've been an Immortal in WL.


I quit the game back in 2009, but remained loyal and active on weekends, specially when we fought other brazilian rivals. I’m almost sure I never missed a fight against our brazilian rivals.


From 2009 onward I was mostly known to have participated on our Sniping Unit, called “Stronda” until pre-Eoc when, like most of us, I quit the game for good.


I came back to OSRS on this weird year and together with other WL old schools, decided to reopen the clan.


On OSRS, I’ve had a short stint as Co-Leader and my main task was to help the integration between newcomers (old rivals and even long-time crashers) with old WL members that still had grudges against these people. I believe I have done my job well and the clan nowadays has a tight and respectful community. Nowadays I still join the clan battles when I’m available.

Edited by D96


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Do you feel like Brazilians were "looked down upon" by the main clan scene? If so, did that bother you?

Tell me about WL's last fight before EOC (WL vs TCL + HA + MB)

Who are WL's main rivals of all time? Which rivals do you respect the least?

What are your thoughts on current day Arroz? Do you think they're a good clan? Who do you respect the most?

Who is the best leader in WL history? The best caller?


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Who are the top 3 brazilian tanks of all time?


Ex-Envy Leader / Ex-Genesis Council / Ex-Divine Forces App Reviewer / Tempest Legend /






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Which other country clans and international clans did you enjoy fighting most back in the day?


What challenges did you face getting so many people back for OSRS in 2020?


Is the current WL made up mostly up ex-WL or several others from other Brazilian clans?


What do you like/dislike about the current clan world versus the past?




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What is your dream officials lineup of Brazilian/PT officials?

What were your initial thoughts on Tempest when we opened? How do you view us in current day?

Who is the best Leader you've been led by? What about them made them a great leader?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current officials team?

D96 -
Nathan - 
Matheus - 
King Obina -
Ndo -
Rmd - 


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This is a dumb question, but I assume you call fights in Portuguese?


Have you ever had to decline someone's application because their Portuguese wasn't good enough?


How would you compare your time in WL with time in other clans?




don't be the third whale

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For D96:

What are your thoughts on Ben/H0tgun as Leader? Could you tell us about your experience in TR?

Could you rank all of the callers DI had when you were there?

Who are your favorite callers to have led with?

If you had to beat the crap out of either Lemaster or King Obina, who would you pick?

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An Arroz member gave the below rundown of why Arroz was beefing with WL in OSRS around when WL opened (this quote is from early July). Is any of this accurate/true or just a biased tale?


"Basically wilderland decided to reopen weeks ago and Arroz leader did let some of their members come to our events to loot/ac/etc... Everything was okay between the two clans and one of the Arroz official actually talked with Diogo about a future alliance between the two clans to be sick in both servers P2p/f2p and he said he was going to think about it but never actually happened... Tl;Dr in a wilderness fight between rot vs foe wilderland was there and decided to trash talk towards Arroz and did a small doxing spam about our leader and that's how it started and... Diogo decided to put spys in Arroz after doing that to see our reaction live in their discord and they had sick laughs about it... I mean Diogo said he just wanted to have fun, some sick action and good laughs and not taking this anything srsly but that didn't happen at all... He actually took this very srsly already doing snaky shit aka using his spys to leave cc versus death row when we lost to em 2-1, brainwashing some of our ex members that left us for em, etc... Last tl;dr he said that wilderland was going to close after quarantine was over in his country and that he's doing this just for action and nothing more but the truth is... He was lying all the time to the leader of Arroz lol"




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Why do you pile me so much?


Have you ever had spies from international clans who could speak your language  join WL?


@D96 what is your opinion on my boy Kevin/Toets


Was interesting read really, never really knew much about BR/PT clans back then apart from the fact that I always quickprayed range against them for some weird reason back then




Tempest Old School

~ Dear You ~





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