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[SRS] Grizzly Bear vs Silverback Gorilla


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Bear! Cause everyone so far is saying Silverback

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what's the environment like? is this a cage match? are there trees around?

what's the gender of each? is it two males? two females?

so many unknown variables


I'm going to say the grizzly bear wins in a close one. The average male grizzly bear is ~600 lbs while a silverback gorilla is only ~400 lbs (my numbers might be off).




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this is a good one. There are a lot of different things to take in consideration: Size, weight, how they fight, etc. I do believe a gorilla because of the agiliness and strength it has over a bear, even though a bear has those claws that could really fuck the gorilla up. really hard to say












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The Grizzly would win and I don't think it would be close. The silverback has one of the strongest bites of all animals, but the Grizzly it right behind it. The silverback is also incredibly strong, which is why they tend to pound things with their fists - however this would do nothing to a Grizzly. Most hunters will tell you that even a 9mm gun isn't enough to bring down a bear, so why would the punch or pound from a silverback do so? Grizzlies have incredibly thick skin, silverbacks do not. So while they have similar offensive force in their bites, the silverback is far inferior on the defensive side. And I haven't even spoken about the Grizzly's claws and swipe force. Or the fact that they're on average 300, 400, or even as much as 1,000 lbs heavier. 


However, anything can happen in a fight. There have been instances of mountain lions and leopards beating grizzlies before. With one lucky bite or claw, anyone can win. But statistically, I think the Grizzly just outmatches the silverback. 

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