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D2Master12 - AMA


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D2master12 AMA
RSN: D2master12
Ranks Held:
High Council in Corruption during CoR's peak
Leader in Syndicate
Warlord in Exodus
Warlord in Violent Resolution during VR's Peak

Chapter 1: Early beginnings and departure from Corruption

I initially joined CoR after 180 opts of Corruption bull rushed and annihilated 300-399 opts of my first clan, 'THE' in about 15 minutes. I joined CoR when they were ranked ~#6-#8 and it was great being a part of their strong activity in F2P pking and out of game community. As CoR started to rise among the clan world I wanted to contribute more and was given a chance to lead by Chopa234 (CoR leader at the time). Eventually I was promoted to Warlord and High Council and led the clan for several years. I think being such an active member and, "homegrown" a lot of members respected me and wanted to see me succeed. I remember being pulled into a private room before a big fight vs DF in the peak of our rivalries by Demonchild (CoR leader at the time) and him telling me that he wanted me to take the 1st fall in and be the main warlord throughout the PKRI. After this point I made a conscious effort to try and be the main fall in leader for our fights and I helped contribute to CoR breaking into the top #1-3 f2p and identified a lot of great leaders to follow me.
I don't remember the exact time but I had been leading Corruption for a few years when a smaller sized clan that Lukas led closed and joined CoR. Lukas stood out as a really driven to win / ambitious guy and I wanted him to lead fall ins for us. Despite some initial backlash from some of the leadership, Lukas got Warlord and wasn't afraid to lead right away. 
Lukas and I initially became friends because we were both really active within the community and in game. We also had a lot of respect for each other by leading and fighting together in back to back fights for entire half days at a time. We were given the opportunity to become the main fall in leader's when CoR's allstar fall in leader rotation of Andy4309, Radicalsurfu, and Dragon boss quit/retired for various reasons. Despite these huge blows to our clan, it freed up the opportunity for myself and Lukas to front run the fall in rotations for years to follow in the heart of CoR's dominance. During our era, CoR had many impressive and hard fought victories against top clans such as DF, DI, VR, RSD, TT, EH, EOS in what I consider peak CoR. 
Leading fall in's isn't the easiest thing to do, but Lukas and I were able to count on each other to keep the momentum going while the other was returning. Through years of consistency and high performance, we got to know each other's calling styles inside and out and we could anticipate each others calls and strategies and became quite the dominate duo. Our leadership styles complemented each other's nicely - me being decisive and calm and Lukas being aggressive.
Despite this, conflict broke out regarding the future of CoR during CoR's peak. CoR was easily considered a top #3 f2p clan but was struggling to achieve the undisputed #1 ranking. Although all of the leadership team within CoR wanted to get #1, the strategy to achieve it was completely divided. Lukas and I felt we had enough skilled members to get to the undisputed #1 but we needed more numbers to compete with DF who had been out pulling and out returning us. Lukas and I wanted to make it easier to get into Corruption in order to get an influx of members to over take DF. Once we had more members, we also wanted to establish a culture that we were not going to end fights until we took #1 even if it meant simply outlasting our opponents. Demonchild disagreed with this strategy and instead wanted to continue things as they were and be content with where we were. Lukas and Demonchild had a lot of heated disagreements about the future of CoR (as Demonchild did with all of the ex leadership team who sadly eventually quit, got kicked, or retired), especially when other top clans such as DF, VR, and EOS had already been taking in more members with questionable pasts and DF having the edge over us and VR and EOS quickly growing in strength.

Chapter 2: Syndicate and Exodus

Unfortunately the leadership team was really divided in Corruption and a lot of the officials were retiring. I remember getting a message from Lukas that he wanted to talk and he explained to me that he wanted to quit CoR and create a new clan called Syndicate, which I accepted. He basically already had a mass group of members that we had wanted to join CoR ready to join Syndicate and other well known names such as Ex Collision leader Hios, Ex VR Warlord Kronca, Ex VR Founders Stephen22288 & General Shop, and veteran official Mithwiz on board who were all ready to compete to become a top clan. I had never been a part of creating a clan and I thought it would be a new interesting change to my clanning experience. Before we even opened the RS community was ranking us in the top #6-#8 during a competitive top #10 era purely based on the names on our memberlist.  
As you could imagine there was a lot of hatred and feelings of betrayal from Corruption after we left and also took a significant amount of their members with us. Although my intention was never to hurt CoR, the nature of the situation caused a lot of conflict between our clans. I understood the situation and didn't take any of the animosity to heart, but Lukas and plenty of other Ex-CoR members took it personally and there is still a lot of tension to do this day between old school CoR and ex Syndicate members.

Syndicate's first fight was vs EH who were a well respected and established top #5 clan and had competed in the top #3 during their peaks. Despite our high potential, EH dismantled Syndicate pretty easily and their mass high quality of members picked apart a lot of the members in Syndicate who had never fought in the top #5 before. After that fight, it was clear that despite having a few top quality officials, we did not have enough quality members to break into the top #5 as quickly as we anticipated. Although we could have kept the clan going, after a while none of the leadership team including myself were willing to spend the time needed into building the clan up organically into a top #5 contender and Lukas, Mithwiz, and I decided to abruptly close the clan.
Lukas and Hios wanted to still be a part of a midsized clan so we joined Syndicate's rival Exodus who we had many fights with including a 9 hour pk run in, and essentially merged our clans. Exodus was fun and had a strong leadership base which eventually moved on to create another contender clan called Solace, but I had been away from the top #3 clan scene for too long and I wanted to join a top tier clan again. I quit Exodus and got most of the Syndicate members to join VR.

Chapter 3: Violent Resolution

VR was ranked around #4- #5 at the time and it seemed like a good opportunity to join and fulfil Lukas and my desire to raise a clan to the #1 rank. After fighting against VR for so many years we had already known practically all of the leadership team and majority of the members. VR was always a clan that I personally wished never would get #1 when I was fighting against them because of how disruptive I knew they could be if they had dominant power. As I knew I would retire soon, VR also seemed like the most fun clan to join. VR was extremely active pking almost every day and had a very close community that welcomed us right away. As we got deeper into top fights Lukas and I started to lead fall ins and we emerged as a main fall in leaders for VR. VR was getting recognized for creating their own rules which was a lot of fun and not truly appreciated unless you are inside the clan. With so many dedicated and skilled members and fearlessness to go out in the wilderness to hunt any clan under any circumstance, VR quickly rose to the top #3 and eventually took the #1 rank. At one point VR had what I consider to be the best fall in line up in the history of RS with Cera S6, Kaochin, Lukas, Arma150, Radicalsurfu, Empire Mind, and myself among many others and were completely dominating every other clan to the point of clans not wanting to fight us. VR started doing what no other F2P top clan had done which was intentionally crash top clans fights with the intention of fighting 2v1. Clans fought back at first, but VR was too massive and relentless to compete with and the clan world became inactive for several weeks while no one dared to go into the wild. My best memory of RS was a fight where VR had gone flightless for several weeks and sporadically decided to check the wilderness on a Saturday with about 300 opts / 100 people to surprisingly get blind side rushed by every other clan (my memories were DF, CoR, EOS, ROT, others with about 300+ people ) for a massive cluster fight which VR ended up winning. Lukas and I were a part of the main fall in leader rotation for VR during their peak for a year or two before I ended up retiring at the end of 2010/early 2011. After holding clear #1 for quite some time I felt like I accomplished all that I wanted to do and ended up retiring. This is where my memory ends but I know Lukas went on to continue leading VR and eventually quit and made another last clan before he also retired.

Chapter 4: Summary

Since Lukas is not able to answer, I will do my best to unbiasedly answer with what I think his intentions were behind any questions that are asked.    


I think what made Lukas and I unique is that fact that we were the first dual fall in leaders that stuck together throughout multiple clans and therefore we created big swings of power shifts whenever we moved clans. 


Lukas is still viewed by many as a classic RS villain for his drive for power and burning a lot of bridges (destroying past relationships) to do so. Lukas is typically hated or loved by most people. There does not seem to be many indifferent feelings for him unless you did not know him. Despite this public reputation, Lukas held himself to a supreme standard and expected everyone in the clans he was in from Future Applicant to Leader to do the same. If Lukas didn't feel that you were carrying your own weight he would call you out on it regardless if you were the leader of the clan and he was a FA. This definitely rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and created a lot of enemies, but I think a lot of people such as myself respected his high expectations and his desire to make everyone better, including himself. 


Lastly, I'm glad to have shared a lot of good memories with such a wide spread of the clan community from 2005 - 2011. Whether I fought with you or against you, it was clear that there were a lot of dedicated members in every clan and it made for very exciting and competitive fights for years. With so many quality players out there, it is not surprising to see a lot of familiar faces still around today.  

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Corruption High Council -> Syndicate Leader -> Exodus Warlord -> Violent Resolution Warlord

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What do you regret about Syndicate?


What did you like/dislike about Exodus?


What were the biggest differences between CoR & VR?


What CoR members do you wish came with you through VR?


With you and Lukas..who was a better caller?


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What are your opinions of these CoR officials:


La Hire 44 @Eric``









What CoR officials after your time do you wish you worked with?



Did you ever consider going back to CoR?




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As I was one of the members that joined from the start, my only question then and now is;

Why involve Tukuruk in creating the clan after knowing he was notorious for creating/closing clans relatively fast? Especially with the vast number of high tier officials from other clans joining

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PDlMitch ~ Ex: Knights of Order ~ Collision ~ Syndicate ~ Exodus ~ Crimson Raiders ~ Downfall ~ Divine Forces








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Following up from @Mitch


Most people around in 07-09 know @Tukuruk91 as someone who made a whole lot of RS clans. What was your take of him as an official? What did he bring to the table? And what about aspects of his leadership abilities did you not like?





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1 hour ago, D2master12 said:

At one point VR had what I consider to be the best fall in line up in the history of RS with Cera S6, Kaochin, Lukas, Arma150, Radicalsurfu, Empire Mind, and myself among many others and were completely dominating every other clan to the point of clans not wanting to fight us.

Respect, I miss you Derek.

When are you going to start snapping me again with your 6 pack and bad bitches is the real question!

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How do you feel about other clans, mostly consisting on the idea of "honourable clans", not paying enough respect to VR because of the fact that they made them play by their rules and would often "obligate them" to fight back.

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