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Runescape Name (Don't post if login name)
Shes the one

Preferred Name 

Current Clan
Not in a clan

Previous Clan History
Glorious Immortals


Who do you know in Tempest?
I was asked to make an introduction by Gokuu Ssj.

And I see some familiar names here aswell (hopefully they remember me too!).

Are you interested in joining?
I would most definitely like to join with your community, say hello to my old friends and hopefully get to meet new people.

As currently i am not an active player on Runescape, it would be not wise to join a clan in this minute.
The future can tell what will happen. Everything is open.

Brief Introduction
I am Janne ?
 I used to play Runescape for a very long time and very long time ago. 
I am interested in video games and my profession in life is dance.
I love to chalk paint old furniture and i have a cat.

I am happy to see that with all of the future telling that osrs will be dead, it seems they were wrong? 

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Welcome to the community! Would love to see pics of some of your work with painting furniture! I messed around with a water wash technique and found it quite fun and also rewarding to spruce up old furniture. ?



Brian.. or Brianna?! | The artist formerly known as Pequ 
The Gladiatorz [2004-06] | Eternal Honour [2006-08]RSC CD Mod [2006-08]

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Welcome to the board Janne ?


VnG Pur3 / Pur3 str0ng2 / I work high
= Vanguard Retired Leader, Tempest OldSchool =
= Ex Kissing the Shadows Council / Darkness Awaits CouncilCrimson Raiders Moderator - The Rising Elite member

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