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Who’s the best person you’ve met through RS?


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17 hours ago, Matt Robbin said:

I have met many people over the past decade plus of Runescape. I have never, before now even considered meeting the people I've met in a rl scenario. It's crazy in the short amount of time I've spent in Tempest how many exceptional individuals I've met, or at the least been reacquainted with.If i fail to mention you in this post please don't be offended.


@true - Say what you want about True, this guy has been the same person for the past 10 years through all ups and downs. Someone who rolls with the punches but stays TRUE to who they are is a rare find these days. I trust this man as my leader any day of the week.


@Vanuckle - One of the more thoughtful individuals I have had the great pleasure of coming across. Trevor knows how to command a room, but even more importantly when to shy away from the spotlight. Even in times of his own need finds ways to uplift those around him (I'm speaking mostly from a personal front here). Every great leadership needs a man like Trevor around to keep things running smoothly.


@Scumpr - I've also known you for the past decade or so. I can say without a doubt one of the realest people I have ever met online or irl. A little on the toxic side but I wouldn't like you as much if you weren't. I'd honestly trust you with anything.


@Encore - "WahtdoyaMEEEEEEEEEan doooood??" - Encore I fucking love you, dont ever change.


@Nancy - The baddest B*tch in any room. One of the only women I've come across in this game who can put me in my place while having a smile on her face. You're a badass Nancy, I'd tell you to never change, but I know you're already a few steps ahead of me.


@Carolina - I don't know that I've ever met a more lighthearted, beautiful, and caring person who also, somehow, simultaneously is the most toxicccc person of all time all wrapped into one package. The world is better for having you in it.




bro what happened to ur nuts also thank for the mention asshole

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1 hour ago, eggshell24 said:

It would’ve been way funnier if you replied with that irl pic of me lol that’s what I was hoping for tbh. 

King Life Smoothie Boy has been lost to the ages sadly


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My Malaysian Clanmates

We've been doing IRL Gathering since 2009 and we finally did a holiday trip last year at Villa

Who would've thought a game we all play when we were highschool, brought people to our lives and became close friends

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OTP | Barrow Slayerz



Walk Here M1 Garrand (level-126) / 3 more options


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I met Kempokid IRL. He was cool because I do not have anyone else I can really talk about rs with maybe except one of my brothers friends. 

Most of the people I met playing this game I can say this. I can go my whole life without meeting anyone in real life and be cool with that because I feel I already know all of you to begin with. I am an open book and I have an ability to get people to talk about anything.

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cba to really write a good post and hard to say about best one, but many ppl in ronin. And if I have to choose the best then probably elder jr

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