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RSD Leadership AMA - LivinLarge21, Icedrop, Bowhunter65


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Rules: If you have a specific question for one of the individuals, please use @LivinLarge21, @Icedrop, @Bow or for all three @RSD.

LivinLarge21 (2001-2008):

Hello all, I am LivinLarge21.  Started playing RuneScape in June 2001, at first, I did not like the game, but after giving it a few more tries, it grew on me.  In late 2001 I joined RuneScape Dinasty (RSD), after the creator/leader at the time, kept trying to PK me at the Hobgoblins.

When I first joined, it was a small 50 member or so clan that was just starting, it was comprised of both skilling and PKing players.  In my short time in the clan, I became a well-known figure based off of PKing.  The co-leader ended up quitting RuneScape all together and I was promoted.  Shortly, after the creator/leader of RSD went MIA for a month, I took it upon myself to take over the full leadership role and get the clan moving in the right direction.  Where I got some proper forums created and started recruitment.

I continued leading RSD until late 2004, in which I decided to close the clan when we were undisputed #1(one of my regrets), as I just felt I was overwhelmed and overworked(I had two little kids at this time).  This opened the gate for other clans such as DI to emerge and take dominance in the clan world.

Roughly 4-6 months later, once I was able to manage my free time better. I decided to re-open RSD. A lot of the old members quickly rejoined, along with some new.  This time though, I decided I was not going to do it all on my own, so I ensured I had a co-leader and other roles within the clan to assist with the day to day duties.  We quickly began to gain our previous dominance back, in which we reached one of/if not top clan status again.(all biased opinions here, unless you were part of said clan/community).

With the uncertainty on how the new RuneScape (OSRS now) would transition to clans, RSD remained a PKing/Skilling clan, shortly after however, it was determined that RSD needed to be more PK oriented to be able to compete, which caused our numbers to drop drastically for a few month.  But we were able to bounce back and compete with every clan, beating majority.

Once my personal life caught back up to me.  I decided to step down as Leader in 2008, this time handing the Leadership into the hands of Icedrop and others.  When able, I provided advice to current Leadership and still assisted on the forums and attended events when I could.  I eventually stepped away for good in 2009/2010 for a few years.  Popping in occasionally to see how RuneScape and the clan world was doing.

One thing that I think made RSD different, was the maturity and the way we handled ourselves.  We strived to be a clan that was honorable, that did not talk ‘shit’ on forums and so forth.  Of course, some did not adhere to such rules and they were dealt with accordingly.  We were more about each other and living up to a specific code, then being the best PK clan in RS.  The fact that we were both a skilling and pking clan for majority of our reign as a top clan speaks volumes to all members that dedicated endless hours to the clan, to me there will never be a better clan. We could have been a strictly PK clan for the entire time and TBH, I don't think anyone would have matched us.(again biased opinion). We could have easily crashed wars, hacked forums, put spies in other clans like so many other clans did.  But we were better than that and didn’t need the upper hand in most cases, because we had a great foundation and strength to compete and beat anyone, which we did.


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Icedrop (2008-2010)


I joined RSD in mid-2003.  At that point RSD was a mixed skilling and PKing clan led by Livinlarge21 and was already considered one of the best and most powerful clans in the game, with many 110+ combat level players (back then there were so few you'd generally recognise most of their names).  I enjoyed the regular PK trips, and I remember being amazed by the number of members that turned out for the first official war I attended against Exercitum.


After the release of Runescape 2 in 2004, the clan world grew very quickly which provided RSD with a number of new rivals.  We enjoyed a fierce rivalry with DI, which culminated in a huge war in the summer of 2004 that RSD won to reinforce our position as the #1 clan.  Later in 2004 Livin closed RSD due to other commitments.  Prior to the temporary closure I had held positions as RSD Court and Event Co-ordinator.  During the closure I joined a clan called Empire of Honour that was founded by and consistently mainly of former RSD members.


Around April 2005 Livin contacted me to tell me he planned to re-open RSD and asked whether I would be willing to take up the rank of Co-Leader for the reopening.  I was excited and honoured to have been chosen for the role and embraced the opportunity.  There was similar enthusiasm for RSD's return from the clan world at the time, with over 100 people applying within 24 hours of us reopening.


I learned a lot during my time as Co-Leader.  Working closely with Livin, we managed to rebuild RSD very quickly - to the point we were able to compete against top clans such as DI and DS in 2005 and moving in to 2006.  To embrace the new era of PKRIs we had to make a number of changes to the clan in 2006, including completely dropping the skilling side of the clan. That took a hit on our numbers, but it ultimately made RSD stronger and we rebuilt moving into/through 2007 and found ourselves in a position as a top clan once again.


Livin retired at the start of 2008, at which point I became the full leader of RSD.  During my leadership I was supported by a couple of co-leaders (I was keen to continue the co-leadership structure to ensure continuity of the clan) and a strong set of other clan officials.  The next couple of years presented a number of challenges for both RSD and the wider clan world, with the removal of the wilderness and introduction of bounty hunter and clan wars changing the clan world as we knew it.  Looking back, I am pleased with how we adapted to those challenges and RSD maintained its strength as a top clan throughout the period.


During my time as leader I worked hard to make sure that RSD maintained its core values – to always strive to be the best, to conduct ourselves in a respectable and honourable manner, and to let our quality do the talking where it mattered on the battlefield.  I put a strong focus on ensuring we attracted and retained the best members who all shared those values and over the years we built a really strong community where everyone had each other's back.


Towards the end of 2010 I realised that real life commitments would prevent me from putting in the time required as leader, so I announced my retirement.  We had been on a good run for the past couple of years, continuing to grow our numbers and strength.  Since the return of PKRIs we were regularly able to pull 100+ people, winning a number of fights with 399+ options.  We also won the Jagex Cup in the summer of 2010, which was a nice reward for all the hard work our members had put in over the years.  I handed the leadership over to the safe hands of Bowhunter65, Bclayj2 and the rest of the clan officials and stayed around as a semi-active retired member thereafter, chipping in where I could.



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Bowhunter65 (2010-2013)


Because the other two dove into their stories I may as well go more detailed as well..


Hello. I am Bow. I ended up starting playing this never-seem-to-die game called Runescape back at the end of '01 or early '02.  I was introduced to it by a group of friends who were playing for quite some time before introducing me to it.  I asked them why they held off and they said, "you are the type of person who would get addicted to it".  Well, I should have listened or they should have stopped me.  Bastards.  Anyways, I spent the first 4-5 years of living life as the absolute epitomy of a noob.  Wasting time fishing, looting and pking north of varrock, and honestly straight up wasting a ton of time.


I was introduced to clanning in 2005, went through Gladz, Devils, Corruption, Anarchy, and some version of PI(?) by Evil Miner13.  Eventually I abandoned all of that and joined RSD in 2006, where I basically remained from there on out.  I was kicked in 2007, barred, and then begged for foregiveness and was given a second chance.  Safe to say I didn't squander it, well too badly.

Life in RSD:  As I said, I joined in 2006 and had worked my way up to moderator rank briefly, which I stepped down from as I didn't see the point of the rank.  Preferred the life of a member as well as the time commitment.  Ended up getting involved with the wrong group of friends and was removed for a spin off clan which lasted a few months before I left it to return to RSD.  I hung around for months until I was eventually given a chance to rejoin.  After several trial periods and declines I was eventually accepted back into RSD.  Where I spent the better part of two years as nothing more than a member and wanting nothing more until late 2009 when a number of members nominated me for "apprentice" (a co-leader like trial position) with two others.  Still not really sure where it came about, Icedrop's design.  After some many months it became permanent and I was made a co-leader.  I don't think there was a single person who thought I would have ever become a leader.  Hell, I didn't.  Icedrop retired in 2010 and passed along the reigns to myself and Bclay.  After several years of leading, I eventually closed RSD in January, 2013 with a decline of interest by ranks and members in the game and the direction it was going for clanning.


Its safe to say everyone thinks their clan operates on a different level.  RSD was the same way for me, I enjoyed it because it was by in large a different type of community.  Fortunately, I was able to look at it from both the inside and from the outside over theyears.  Some called us grandpas but I called it a more mature atmosphere with a lot less drama than most had to deal with.  The leaders before me carried the clan in a different manner and that is one thing that I did make sure was upheld with my style.  Although many questioned my willingness to fight clans a lot more openly and on a whim.  But when you could trust the members to show up and kick ass, it was a lot easier to do.  Spent a lot of hours with the clan, hell it pretty much took over a lot of my life there for a while as it did for many.  Lots of good memories of fights, conversations, and the like.


I'll stop there, I've rambled on like an old man does.  I'm sure questions will cover everything else.

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@Bow :HAT: why did you fight to have this not on forums? Why is it caved? Were you happy that it took over RSD forums and the clan world? :HAT:

To All: Best fights each of you been a part in and why? Best rivalry you were apart of?


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5 hours ago, True 2k8 said:



Why were you blacklisted from RSD?


Could you run me through the whole Dynasty thing :B? Did you really think D156 was capable of leading?


What did you enjoy about being in Divine Forces? Damage Inc.?



I was kicked/banned/deleted for being a part of a group of est based members who wanted to make a clan.  Spin off essentially which was never going to go anywhere productive beyond a group of friends who all liked to pk together.  

Dynasty was D156 asking me to advise him on leading a clan with some other kids who seemed to be somewhat competent.  I went along with it under the condition I wouldn't be an active rank and there wouldn't be all sorts of shenanigans.  Of course that lasted about a day.  I went to work and came home to a bunch of mass recruiting and insanity to take one Vr/Rot or some shit.  I asked to be removed/removed myself.  I was giving D156 the benefit of the doubt.  I was always hesitant on his leadership like qualities after him being demoted half a dozen times over the years but I never questioned his dedication and desire to be successful.  

I was not in DF or DI long enough to say what I enjoyed.  I joined both for a couple friends in each and as soon as their interest was gone so was I, checked out mentally.  I've never been able to commit to anything like I did RSD, I promised myself I wouldn't.  So if anything I guess you could say the initial community approaches by both, maybe, but even then I didn't take part in much.

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4 minutes ago, True 2k8 said:

For all: What were your biggest strengths and weaknesses as leader?

Strengths - I was always very calculated in the decisions I made and I sought input from some very competent officials within the clan before making them.  I generally didn't do anything on a whim and everything as well thought out.  I was also pretty active within the RSD community - forums, team speak, etc.  I felt that helped me get a good gauge on what people were happy and not happy with.  That helped me address issues and explain leadership decisions in a way that resonated with the clan member base.

Weaknesses - I could sometimes get tied up in the detail and probably spent too long posting on the likes of Zybez etc.  I could probably have made more of an effort speaking to and building up dialogue with other clan leaders - there are a number of rival clan leaders who I have never spoken to at all, which seems a bit odd looking back.


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