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Haven't clanned since pre eoc, and at that time I was a huge noob who took substantial breaks from the game for other things as well, and I wasn't ever really a full or substantial member of many clans. 

K0 unit - I just remember this being a cc run by some guy named Sportsdemon91 or something along those lines. At this point BH was out and wilderness was gone. Prior to this, I had solely just done solo or small man pking with friends in f2p. I wasn't great at BH and Clan Wars was a lot more interesting to me. I made a lot of friends and eventually found myself joining a lot of CCs which weren't really clans but basically open warring CCs many without requirements or requirements I barely met (med-high 90 cbs). This included Glissed, Soulja Melle, and of course @Gochance1. I forget who invited me to K0 unit particularly but I got along with some members better than others, mostly because I was a child and this time and relatively annoying as many young kids are. I don't remember how the ranks particularly worked in this clan I just remember being probably the closest equivalent to a clan friend they had, idled cc hung out etc and was allowed to some less serious fights, that was about it.

Downfall - I don't recall if it was drama or someone wanting to just make a more official clan but I recall a rank from K0 unit named Amateurnoob making a clan called downfall including official forums etc. I went with them because a lot of my friends did. I don't remember many names, the main two I remember are Amateurnoob and Lawidget. I also remember Tim/Gochance joined pretty early on though I don't know if he was originally there as a founder, it was pretty close to the beginning. Since some people liked me I was allowed to attend a very select few fights but I didn't meet requirements and being annoying kid didn't help me :P so eventually I don't remember the specifics but I stopped being part of that community, it may have been in part due to me taking a break from the game, I don't fully recall.

I believe these were after Downfall though some may have been before but there were a few other clans I joined or tried joining

DK - I just remember Derek / Gotenks being rather nice to me and encouraging me to train up and join, but I was still just some noob who for some reason only wanted to train strength and woodcutting so didn't stay in the clan as requirements went to I think 105 or 110 cb. Seeing years later what that clan/community has become over time, perhaps that's not such a bad thing.

DV - Pretty sure they were called Divine Vindicators or something? Don't remember specifics, but I was not part of this community for long.

Holy Invokers - I don't actually remember if this was the clan name or if their leader was Holy Invoker and the clan was named something else. Also wasn't part of this community for very long, I remember the leader having a mean streak which I think was part of the reason why.

Probably forgetting some stuff but that was all 10+ years ago and I was a kid so yeah.

Who do you know in Tempest?

@Gochance1 From hanging out in his cc and sometimes fighting with them pre eoc, also spoke with him again over a year ago and surprisingly he remembered me (that or he pretended to in order to be nice, wouldn't blame him for not remembering me lol) when he was a rank in Renegades.

@Victoria Don't know her very well but we have a mutual friend and spoke a bit in the past about clanning in their discord. Also recently an interesting tweet involving her came to my attention so I sent it to her and we had a good laugh about that.
Are you interested in joining?
Probably not. I'm just not really interested in clanning anymore and haven't been in ages. Though i've definitely noticed that this clan has revitalized F2p to a fair extent, which I think is impressive as it was more than dead for ages, I just do not feel I am being called to try and join any clans or reinvolve myself in the clanning community. This may change over time, at which point i'd be happy if you guys wanted me, but for now i'll say that's /very/ low probability.
Brief Introduction
Adam, 24, work in Cybersecurity. During some of my sizeable breaks from RS  I met a lot of individuals on other games/sites including RSPS, some of whom had pretty extensive clanning histories so while my clanning history is pretty meh compared to almost anyone else on these forums, I know a lot from before my time or that I just missed from talking to people and hearing stories. I still talk to some people these days who are involved in clanning or were for a long time, so i've followed a lot. The AMAs have interested me a lot on the forums reading the answers and just seeing people reminiscing, so I figured I would register to come ask questions if I had any and True said I should post an intro. While I don't know many people here, I recognize quite a lot of names, which is pretty neat to me. I'm maxed on OSRS as of just under a month ago (9/19) so i've been enjoying just doing random shit post max slayer etc. I have a good group of friends and enjoy doing pretty much anything group related ingame as long as it's with them. 








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Bad as Jaws > Holy Invoker



Proud Tempest - Guest > Verified Guest > Bunny Guest > Verified Guest > Bunny Guest > Intro > Applicant > Member


Please if you spot these missing robes, have them returned to Panda|Mike for a reward.






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