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Bishinmo (& D0nts...)- The Titans - AMA


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The Titans 2005 - 2012 + Collision 2012 - 2013

About Me

Hey everyone. It is a bit rough writing something about RS after so many years. Didn't really think I would ever be making topics on clan forums ever again. Honestly didn't even know clans still existed. For the ones that don't know who I am, I used to be a high ranking official in The Titans clan. I started out as a noob pker at hill giants in 2004-2005. At one point I dced and lost my rune set. Rage quit the game for a few months. At the very end of 2005 I introed to The Titans clan. I would say that 2006 was the peak for the clan world in terms of activity and variety of clans. There was action all the time. We were a very small clan at the time, lead by Nhia212. Eventually I got promoted to PK leader. In 2007 I got promoted to Co-leader alongside TMO. We grew fast towards the end of 2007 and eventually became the #1 F2P clan in 2008. After a brief mutiny I became leader.

The clan world started to go downhill fast with many clans closing. We generally stayed out of crash wars and the nonsense that happened. After a few years of leading I became a bit tired and left TT to join our allies Collision. Spent some time there until RS 07 came out. Trained up a new account, joined in on the first wildy event. Quit RS the day after because there was no way in hell I was going through all that again.

I am still in contact with many TT members. We play random games (some are really random...)

Aside from gaming... I work in marketing, I like to go out and drink wine with friends, watch random TV shows, work out and spend as much time at the beach as possible.

I hope you are all well during these fucked up times. If I ever flamed you back in the day... know that I truly meant it.  Ask away!

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D0nts R4ng3r: I started out my clanning history in Exer from 2005-2006. I joined The Titans from 2007-2009. I was promoted to pk leader and advisor during this period. I took a 2 week vacation in DF and then rejoined The Titans from 2009-2012. I mostly sniped during this period of TT. I did very little calling. I came back to OSRS and did some short stints in "THE" and "The Rising". I quit clanning again for good in 2017 if I remember correctly. AMA : )


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@Bishinmo Why did you leave TT instead of just continuing on with the plans of splitting the clan?

@d0nts Why did you decide to leave with Agnello, Ghetto, Amar, Kchan? What was the deciding factor of this decision? Why did Cravez decide to bitch out?












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