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EOS Leadership - Mar and Oli


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Hi, my original RSN was Marqouth1 but everyone has been calling me Mar for years, even EOS officials who knew my real name. I started Runescape in about 2004 and was in smaller clans until I joined EOS in late 2006. I was promoted to Warlord 3 months later and then Head Warlord in 2008. I would have been leader in 2008 but things happened and after more things I was made leader of EOS alongside Oli in late 09 or early 2010.

I have remained friends with people from EOS for almost 15 years now, playing all sorts of different games with them. In 2013 or 2014 me and Oli moved EOS over to Albion Online where we are currently alive and thriving, although i don’t have much to do with that these days.

Feel free to ask any questions about EOS/myself or anything related and i’ll answer best i can


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On RS i was originally Oli_Kilsu, went through a variety of smaller clans then joined EOS to play crossfire during clan wars (summer 2008), I originally joined the clan on a spare, but realising their community hated runescape as much as I did I quickly joined on my main. I was warlord after 3 months, HC in 2009 and Leader from 2010 until now Wagwan, I'm the greatest of all time and your clans were actually irrelevant. I'm looking forward to answering any and all questions as i am actually a runescape historian

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Probably below clan any clan that had any sustained period of dominance? 7th Seems like a fair ranking when you consider DS/DI/RSD/DF/VR/ROT all held number one for periods longer than 6 months. 

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