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Divine Forces AMA - Bountyhuntur & Homedawg90


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~Divine Forces~




Hey Everyone - I'm Bountyhuntur, but most people know me as Bunty. I started playing on RS classic and joined my first clan in late 2003 or early 2004 on RS2. After having joined and left multiple clans (The Blue Dragons, Four Horsemen, Nemesis, Awaken, etc.) I wanted a break from ranked clans and joined a friend's small pking clan called The Midnight Warriors. Here I met Death240, and is ultimately what led me to Divine Forces.

Death and Lilhunterkid recruited me to DF in 2005, but I left about a week later because I didn't feel like it was quite my fit. I then started a clan called The Legion with my buddy Avster, who ended up quitting on it fairly quickly so I shut it down. After that failed I rejoined DF following a conversation with Death, and that's where I stayed for the rest of my clanning career.

I rose the ranks pretty quickly, starting with Council then eventually becoming High Council. After I joined the second time it became pretty obvious that I had made a huge mistake leaving in the first place, because this group was special and led by a guy who was hands down the best leader I've ever had. We won a lot, constantly challenging clans that people thought we couldn't beat and rose the ranks into the top 5 in a little over a year.

Then at the end of 2006 Death retired and left the leadership rank open to one of two people, me or Veseble. After a couple of days of thinking about it, I spoke to Veseble and we agreed that I should take the Leader role. A lot of people, internally and externally, thought Death retiring was the end of DF. I wanted to prove them wrong and continue our push for that #1 spot. We hit a slump immediately, but were able to recover a couple of months. Then May came around and DS closed, which gave us a large influx of members and gave us that big push we needed to become the #1 clan.

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to guide DF through its first leadership change, out of its largest slump by that point in time, and lead the clan at its peak point throughout its 15 year history. In August of 2007 I stepped down to retire as my life was changing drastically. I came back to lead for a short time not too long after that, but then retired again fairly quickly.

Then I got kicked by @true for being retired and the rest is history.



Hi everyone, my name is Alex. My best tenure was during my time in Divine Forces, where my first interaction was getting owned in the wild by them. Sometime in 2005 when clans used to be in edge post fights, I got recruited by Divine Forces and that's how the party started. 

I became warlord in 2007 then got head warlord shortly after before finally retiring at the end of 2008. I did come back sporadically between then and 2016 before coming back to runescape for approximately a year and I thought the gameplay was not good. 

Like others, I consider 06-09 to be that golden age, perfect storm, era in rs clanning because there were such a large amount of clans including big ones like DF that had 125+ member lists and then intros and Future applications to draw numbers from. Overall it was a great time with great experiences.

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How did you feel when you saw the clan went to notorious e-dater like True 2k8?

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First and foremost, might not expect it from me but I respect the hell outa you guys. Homedawg used to be the rival :D.



1. How do you feel of what DF has become today?

2. Who was the best DF caller in 07/08?

3. Do you guys agree that CoR vs DF 07/08 rivalry was the best ever? why or why not.

4. If you could change anything about your time in df what would it be?

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Do you think True was a good leader or have a mindset of a leader? Cause i think he's shit


@homedawg who were you favorite callers when you came back to the oldschool runescape and realize you weren't godlike anymore and who were your favorites to lead with back in the day





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What is your most "proud" moment that you led DF to?


Who would be your "dream lineup" of DF officials?


If you could have recruited anyone from another clan into DF's leadership during your stint.. who would that have been and why?




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