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Rccrazy165/J2swift - AMA


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 Hello friends


Many of you know me as J2swift, but a previous time in my RS life I started out as Rccrazy165. I started playing RS in 2006, after finding out about the game from one of my friends that I had met in my freshman year of high school. Like many others, the game was quite different from any game I've played before and was my first ever computer based game. Any other games were consoles, like Call of duty, madden etc. The biggest misconception about my name, people assume it is "Rune Crafting Crazy 165" when really it's nothing to do with RS . RC stands for remote control cars, which was one of my biggest hobbies at the time of creating my account, and the number 165 was my number from racing supercross as a wee lad. Both hobbies I did for quite some time, basically until I went to college. I've raced both hobbies all over the US and was "semi pro'' in R/C's and only kept amature status in supercross. The largest bike I raced competitively was 125cc starting from 50cc when I was ~6 years old


For reference, 










Professionally, I work in manufacturing as a production planner / manager with a degree in electrical engineering. I am currently heading back to school to pursue software. In 2018, I relocated out west to help continue further a product that I helped create with 4-5 other people. The product is used in all kinds of flame detectors, gas detectors, and spectrometers. The company that we merged with has 4 other products already located in Arizona that are used in all sorts of non contact measurement applications, such as golf range finders, missile trackers, people counters, etc




Shortly after starting the game, I was hooked. Always being a sucker for team sports and things, I found my way to claning very quickly. The first clan I joined was in ~2007. The name was Holy Smiters. Holy Smiters was an RSB clan, that looking back, I have no Idea what time zone it was based in. The leader was an Aussie guy named Johno1, who was big into Bounty Hunter Pking. Here is where I met the person who I've known the longest, Howitzer75 (@Dickus). The leader dude ended up going MIA so I started looking for a new clan. From my time at HS, I knew I wanted something that was slightly larger, and more structured than most RSB clans were.


This led my first big-ish clan in ~2008-2009. Red Dragon Knights. RDK was this weird hybrid between RSC/RSB p2p clan led by Sinxp8. There are many people who still play that I remember claning with in RDK. They are spread throughout the clan world, but almost all landed in the larger clans and teams. Shortly, after joining RDK, we struggled in basic communication due to the lack of people having microphones. There was one other caller and his name was Joshi. I had ideas on things we could do to improve and eventually had to call in a p2p cwa fight one a laptop microphone haha. I don't remember when, how, or why but I became one of the main callers in RDK eventually becoming a warlord. We participated in the RSB ladder cwa tournament and became #1 in the 20v20 category by beating New Bloods. This honestly attracted a lot of new members, and with the opening and closing of FF (Frozen Fury) we always had an influx of members. We were able to pull ~100 + people and it gave us the courage to take on the RSC clans. We fought RoT multiple times at ghost hut/black salamander spot, and wiped them constantly ;). We also took on RSD, in a 100v70 and we got absolutely wiped off the face of the earth. This fight plus some other recruiting ended up putting one of my boys, XL_Frozen, in RSD which we'll circle back to later. During this time I was playing the game nonstop in terms of pvm and pvp. I ended up meeting this GMT IRL husband and wife that played the game (I still talk with them on social media) and started pvming with them. We pvm'd everyday pretty much and at the time I had just about every item in the game of RS. With many highs come many lows. RDK had quite an inconsistent member base due to people joining, gaining some experience then leaving for the larger RSC clans. This made it difficult to keep spies out, and events fun. With the messiness, the wife of the GMT couple was also in a clan, NBK, eventually led to me leaving RDK, to join Natural Born Killers.


NBK in 2009-2010 was my first exposure to the F2P clan world. Honestly from the first fight I attended, I was hooked. NBK was quite small but had an amazing community. Due to the time difference it was difficult to keep active with the early events. This made my time in NBK short lived, but I meet some really awesome people @B4uz ❤️


~there's a very short intro to Di in here with some older friends from RDK, sfp4/mr lemonlime, rob etc ~

~ at some point around here i also met my rs wife @Daniela ~


With a new found love for F2P claning and wanting to keep active in P2P, XL_Frozen recruited me to RSD at the end of 2010/2011. Honestly, RSD checked all the boxes. Good group of people, didn't tolerate the nonsense that was found in many of the other clans, and was able to perform in game. I was in RSD for over a year before I ever talked on the mic. I only ever talked to my close friends and my mentor that was assigned to me, Larry who was the king asian of the trio M8rixmystery, Taro, and Larry. These 3 could solo carry a 100v100 f2p fight and were the beginning definition of jap-shit. There was a solid group of callers and never a need for some little p2p noob too step up. This all started changing once f1r3o. ice drop, joyhova started to retire and go inactive. Justin and Ben (Bowhunter and Bclay) opened up Trial PK Leaders and I decided to apply. I learned so much from a calling perspective from all of the guys, so once I got the chance to go I didn't hold back. The person I learned the most from at the time was Mattalphonse, who is someone I still talk to today. Matt basically took me under his wing and mentored me with both IRL and RS. He is a big part of who I am as a person today. My first TPKL was not very successful as it was extended, primarily due to the leadership required outside of just calling in game. However, shortly after the extension I was promoted to PKL. From here the Reign of Dinasty started basically until 2011-2013-14/closure. There were some fights that were close, some we lost by opts, but man we slapped so many of you nerds 🥰 Some of the most memorable fights during my time as a PKL in RSD would be,

100v100 jcup vs TT

100v100 jcup vs Corruption

120v200 vs VR

100v100 vs RoT P2P

80vs120 vs Corr+Eos 


At the lowest point when the game started to die, the 60 core RSD members would take on and go even/outperform just about anyone any day even being outnumbered. This kind of quality helped keep it fun for a long time. As the game started to weaken and league of legends took over, I ended up going inactive right before closure. I wasn't worried about retiring as at the time, I didn't see much of a future for the game or willingness to return. I took many of my RS friends with me, some of them becoming my best friends who I would do anything for.


~~~ OSRS~~~

~2017? Many years later once OSRS started gaining ground, I returned to playing the game. I heard RSD had reopened for a brief moment but after closing again, a lot of my closest RS friends had went to DF. I was active for maybe 2 months in DF, just enough to get through FA. After that, my 2 dads @True 2k8 and Murray protected me from getting removed. I basically only showed up to events were we absolutely needed numbers. There was few fights I called when needed, but man the rust was heavy HAHA. After about a year I messaged Murray and told him I don't see me getting any more active, and was removed. My life at the moment was so chaotic and literally played almost no games at the time.


~2020, After about 2 years or so of RL craziness I was able to start playing games again. I played league of legends regularly, and one day True messages me "hey wanna f2p?" on the league client. After not knowing WTF that meant I kinda blew it off. After a few months he reached out again to intro and sent @Ashley after me. How could anyone honestly refuse when she says "introoooooooooooooo 🙂 Kinda anti-climatic, but fast forwarding to today, I've only added to my list of best friends that I'm sure will carry past the end of the game.







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What's your favorite victory from RSD?


Your toughest loss?


What is one important thing you learned from RSD?


What's your biggest strength and weakness as an official?


Top 5 callers from RSD?


Worst 5 callers from RSD?


I never heard you while you were in your "prime" just led against you a lot. How good were you?

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As an addendum to True's question about top 5 callers, could you go into more detail about their calling style and what made them stand out?

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Fools / CU / DI / FF / Elu Warlord – TT Captain – TKO / TB / Desc / Tempy Member

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Thoughts on your boy Alex aka xo frozen xo? Was he really almost co-leader of RSD?


How was leading with Hecticdan when he joined the calling order so early in RSD? Why didn't he stuck around long-term?


What's your favorite RDK moment?



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3 minutes ago, S3lvah said:

As an addendum to True's question about top 5 callers, could you go into more detail about their calling style and what made them stand out?

offtopic: wow vindictus looks sick


ontopic: whats it like to be a production planner if u had to explain it to my gran

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Ahh that's where I remember you from Rdk. I was thinking nbk for a while lol. I also don't think I knew Dickus was howitzer. I knew the name howitzer but didn't realize was him or I forgot lol.




Also never would have thought rc as in runecrafting lmao. Good read 

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Not sure if you heard. I was leader of The BlacKnights.



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1. What's the one thing you didn't appreciate as a caller in RSD that needed improvements?


2. How losses were dealt with in RSD while everyone was still on TS? 


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As Dynasty pretends to be affiliated with RSD and Bles claims to be someone he's not, going as far as impersonating other officials or "having them" in his clan when they aren't there, and trying to scam legit ex-rsd members, how embarrassing do you find it is that he tries to associate with real RSD?


I think some time ago Virgo mentioned to me when he was in THE clan, there was some doxing going on targeted at them from NBK. Not sure if this was during your time, but do you remember anything about this?


What do you think of the following clans in their current state?










And if you could take one person member/official/w/e from each of the above clans, who and why? Who do you think would fit in best here?


What do you think of these clans that are no longer around?







Thoughts on pure/zerk clans?


Why was your time in Di basically non existent/only worth of one sentence? Why did you decide to leave?


It sounds like you were good friends with both True (obviously) and Murray during your DF tenure. Since Tempest has opened putting you here with True, and the two of them let's say... not being close anymore... would you say you're still on good terms with Murray?


What do you think of the use of cheat clients/plugins in warring?



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