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Best and Favorite Rivalries

True 2k8

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My favorite rivalry to watch from the sidelines was DF vs COR in old wilderness. It definitely had a huge influence on me wanting to take clanning more seriously.

My favorite rivalry while in DF (2010-2018) was probably against Violent Resolution. We were always two sides of the same coin, standing opposite in numerous important fights and crash wars. I always felt we were always competing for something and it wasn't surprising that we were the two remaining top clans that didn't close through OSRS. We went about our business in very different ways, so we were bound to clash plenty over the years.

Also whilst in DF, I always really enjoyed whatever weird thing we had with The Titans. Those fights were always super intense (Probably because they only fought us every few months.. @MILAD @Dickus @Plaffy @Bishinmo.....) and it was the clan that pushed us the hardest in-game. The fact that when we fought for 24 hours it was against these guys didn't really surprise anyone. TT also went about their business the right way, so we knew things would always be pretty clean.

All staredowns against DI, ROT & EOS were great as well. I feel like the DF vs DI rivalry could have been one of the best of OSRS if the clan world was in a better place during 2014-2016.

While still doing the mid-sized clan thing my favorite rivalry was CR vs Exodus. These two clans were fighting for the same thing as the same time and we went about it in very differently ways (Exodus basically leeched of all well-established mid-sized clans/dead big clans while CR was sucking in the hungry, yet inexperienced members from smaller, UBH-sized clans). Both clans had a lot of very passionate members and the fights were pretty hyped at the time. I'm sure there's a few times @Dark Invoker would have tried to clean my clock.



Also, though short-lived, I feel like I should mention the CR vs EH spat. It wasn't the longest or most intense rivalry, but it taught both CR and myself a lot. We met at some awkward place around rank 10 when 4 months prior I believe EH was #1 and CR was like a top 35 clan. EH wanted to pick on us for their "final run" (+Operation Bleed) but we were a bunch of dedicated nooby outlasters that wouldn't take no for an answer. We won the majority of the fights during this and we learned a lot about ourselves and what it would take to stick around around the top 10/try to climb higher. Also, EH crashed us.. @Vanuckle ?!!?

And if any UBH'ers read this thread, my favorite rivalries were with PE and Dark Legion, of course.

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Fools vs Rot rivarly was really entertaining.. But have to mention TR vs Fools / Fools vs NG which I didnt experience that much because NG closed pretty soon I joined Fools.. And Ronin vs Poison that was some good action.

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Dragonwood vs Poison (lol)

Genesis vs PH had some really fun events, although very inconsistent since PH would typically try to wear us down instead of straight up fight

Always felt like Silent Ember had a "rivalry" with EU / TKO since they were the clear top 2 teams with us as #3, although we never did overtake them







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